What to Wear to Your Branding Photography Shoot

Are you gearing up for your upcoming branding photography shoot? Wondering what outfit choices will truly represent your brand's essence and make you stand out in front of the camera? Fear not, because in this article, we'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect attire for your branding photography session. Your appearance speaks volumes about your brand's identity, so let's dive into the world of fashion and expression!

Your branding photography shoot is a remarkable opportunity to showcase the essence of your business. From websites to social media profiles, the visuals you present will shape how clients perceive your brand. Apart from an incredible photographer that will help direct you in achieving what you hope to portray, your outfit choice plays a pivotal role in conveying your brand's message.

Understanding Your Brand's Aesthetic

Your brand has a unique personality and style. Before choosing an outfit, deeply analyze your brand's aesthetic. Is it modern and sleek, or does it embody a vintage charm? Consider the colors, fonts, and themes associated with your brand. This analysis will guide you in selecting an outfit that complements your brand's identity.

Dress to Reflect Your Brand's Values

Every brand has core values. Let your outfit reflect these values. If your brand emphasizes creativity and innovation, consider a stylish and unique outfit. For a brand rooted in tradition and reliability, opt for classic attire that exudes professionalism.

Color Coordination is Key

Colors evoke emotions and associations. Choose colors that align with your brand's palette. If your brand is bold and vibrant, consider incorporating those hues into your outfit. Subtle and muted tones, on the other hand, work well for brands focused on sophistication and elegance. Ideally, stay away from primary colours - choose ochre instead of orange, or sky blue instead of bright royal blue.

Keep it Comfortable: Confidence is Everything

While stylishness is important, comfort shouldn't be compromised. Wearing something you're comfortable in will boost your confidence during the shoot. A confident demeanor enhances your brand's authenticity and approachability.

Patterns and Prints: Use Wisely

Patterns and prints can add visual interest, but they should complement your brand's image. Subtle patterns work best, as bold prints might distract from your message. Remember, the focus should be on you and your brand.

Accessorize and Layer with Purpose

Accessories can enhance your outfit and reinforce your brand's identity. A well-chosen accessory, like a unique necklace or a stylish watch, can become a conversation starter and subtly communicate your brand's values. Adding and removing layers is also a great way of mixing up your look, while keeping a cohesive gallery of images that you'll get to use.

Location Matters: Adapt to the Environment

Consider the shoot's location. If it's an urban setting, contemporary attire might be appropriate. For a natural backdrop, earthy tones and casual outfits can create a harmonious blend.

Formal vs. Casual: Match the Mood

Your outfit should resonate with the mood of your brand. A corporate brand might warrant formal attire, while a casual brand benefits from a relaxed outfit. Aligning your outfit with your brand's mood ensures consistency.

Professionalism with a Touch of Personality

It's essential to appear professional, but don't forget to infuse your personality. Small details like a unique tie or a colorful scarf can showcase your individuality while maintaining professionalism.

Timeless Choices: Avoid Trends

Trends come and go, but your branding photos are timeless assets. Opt for classic styles that won't feel outdated after a few years. Timelessness is key to ensuring the longevity of your brand's visuals.

Grooming and Attention to Detail

Your outfit is just one part of your overall appearance. Grooming and attention to detail matter. Neat hair, clean nails, and subtle makeup all contribute to a polished look that complements your chosen outfit. Don't be afraid to book in a hairdresser and makeup artist to show off your best bits, and to make you feel comfortable on the day.

Consult Your Photographer

Your photographer is an invaluable resource. They understand lighting, angles, and aesthetics. Consult them on outfit choices that will harmonize with the overall vision of the shoot.

Trial Run: Rehearse Your Look

Before the big day, do a trial run with your chosen outfit. This ensures comfort, identifies any potential issues, and helps you visualize how you'll appear in the final shots.


Your branding photography shoot is a chance to tell your brand's story visually. Choosing the right outfit is an integral part of this narrative. By aligning your attire with your brand's values, aesthetic, and mood, you can create images that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.


  1. Can I wear multiple outfits during the branding shoot?
  2. Absolutely! Changing outfits can provide a diverse range of images that capture different facets of your brand. Be aware of time restrictions and how long you have booked the photographer in for however.
  3. Should I wear my brand's logo prominently?
  4. While it's not necessary, small brand details in your outfit can subtly reinforce your brand's identity.
  5. What should I avoid wearing during the shoot?
  6. Avoid busy patterns, overly bright colors (especially primary colours), and outfits that make you uncomfortable. ie. don't wear high heels for an outdoor rural shoot.
  7. How can I make my personality shine through the outfit?
  8. Incorporate accessories or small details that reflect your personal style and values.
  9. When is the best time to schedule a branding photography shoot?
  10. Now of course! However, in all seriousness, choose a time when your brand's vision and message are well-defined, so your visuals align with your long-term goals.