I'm Kathryn.

I'm a wife, mum, photographer, nature lover, adventurer, and a coffee and gin drinker(not at the same time). I grew up on a farm, love finding a bargain, and make my own kombucha and washing powder. You'll sometimes find me escaping the chaos of life through a good run through our local forest. While having travelled through a current total 32 countries, I'm now loving exploring more of our own here in NZ.

Adventure photography in New Zealand in the Southern alps of a woman tramping

From grass-roots


My journey into photography started a bit sideways. I started my working life as a Registered Emergency Nurse. I have a passion for working with people, working under pressure, being adaptable and using critical thinking within a workplace environment. But I also have a creative bent. Alongside my analytical and logical side, I love creativity, genuine heartfelt emotion, connection and beauty.

I started my photographic journey capturing occasional love stories - beautiful weddings one day, nursing scrubs the next. When I travelled the world, my camera came with me, capturing the beauty of people within their environments, crossing language barriers with a smile, volunteering in developing countries, and recognising the value in each person, place and moment. When nursing took a step backwards as my family grew, I ventured into newborn and family photography previously operating under the name Captive Moments. Discovering beauty and art within normal everyday life, capturing the connection between family members, enjoying the challenge of putting people at ease so that they don't feel the awkwardness of a lens on them.

Commercial photograph of a teenage boy playing cricket

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

Which brings me to today. No story is ever linear, and I think as I continued photographing, I started enjoying capturing the narratives that people really connect with. Natural moments, connection, the story behind the brand, and not just the end product. Who your people are, what they love to do, and just how normal they are. So my style has evolved. Documenting a story, and exposing the beauty of the every day. Which is how I started operating under my own name - Kathryn Taylor Photography. You're not just getting a studio, you're getting a real person, you're getting a photographer, you're getting a business owner, you're getting a mum. While I treat everything professionally - I'm also a down to earth kind of gal. I love learning, love a good joke (although have none of my own), and will always make use of what time we have getting you to feel at ease.

The Process

Stock photograph of a man chatting with his wife

01. Connect

Get in touch to let me know what it is you are after. Commercial, branding, lifestyle, family or wedding. Try and give me as much info as possible about what you are after. Location, style, and what you're planning on using the images for.

Get in touch
commercial photograph of builders looking at plans

02. Conceptualize

I have set packages for family, newborn and wedding photography, but for commercial photography, I'll work out a quote depending on your needs, brief, location, licensing requirements, and project management, and collaborate to make this happen.

Develop Your Vision
commercial stock image of a family going for a walk together having fun

03. Create

This is where we bring the magic. Whether we use models, your own people and locations, or create something new, I'll photograph to achieve something with impact, capturing connection, and narrating a beautiful story.

Bring it to life